The reason of being for Colegio Ingles, Ingles is to fully achieve students’ education.

What makes us different is that we opt for an education where the real central character is the child, adapting to children’s diversity, needs and peculiarities. As a school we portray a type of education which is current, different, active, real, precise and very close to reality.

Colegio Inglés Valencia. Aula cero años

Colegio Ingleseducational project is developed within a context where care, safety and information, favors creating situations which encourage our students to learn and increase their skills allowing them to develop positive self-esteem.

Our teaching staff works with these aims in mind starting with children who are 4 months old. The tutoring ability of our teachers and educators is helping the children providing them with resources and guiding them in the process of growing up.

The nursery’s syllabus is made up by the school’s teaching staff, through daily observation of children’s characteristics, behavior, language and needs. Adapting school’s programming to groups maturity and also to each child in particular. These methods allow us to put forward a PERSONALIZED EDUCATION for each different child.

The goal is to make the child feel comfortable, fortunate, satisfied and loved; in short HAPPY. That way children will up grow without any problems.

These are the reasons that make Colegio Ingles a different educational option.